Pasajero (Passenger) Crossbody Bag

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A small crossbody bag inspired for the daily commute, you can wear it at the front or back. Upcycled from discarded Jeepney inner tube. Waterproof fabric lining has internal pocket and keyhook. Two exterior pockets occupies the front and the side. Padded innertube shoulder strap is 2" wide. It can be adjusted and configured for your preferred wearing orientation. Pasahero is one of our iconic design.

Volume: Approx 7 liters

Dimension:  15cm x 12cm x 48cm




So much can be read and heard about passion, missions, and campaigns regarding climate change issues and environmental concerns. We share the same sentiment as advocates for eco-ethical lifestyle.



We are stoked by the idea that re-purposing is a win-win garbage solution for everyone. Siklo upcycled products have soul because they are made by hand. Passion is next to attention in the making of every piece. Like fingerprints, no same design items are identical. Each product has its own unique character and individuality. With such traits, wearing a Siklo bag makes you feel sexier.



By and by, it became a sustainable eco-ethical enterprise as conscientious consumerism starts trending. It was established in 2012 and overtime had upcycled over 17 tons of discarded tyre inner tube. Island backpacking also evolved into island bikepacking where some Siklo designs were tested. Laid-back and simple characterize eco-friendly bags.



Since there is “No Known Disintegration Rates” for tyre rubber to decay, upcycling or re-purposing this material implies durability that can outlive our generation. Naturally tough and waterproof, wearing our product is already a strong environmental statement. Although tyre rubbers are harmless to humans in its current state, it comes in very dirty from its sources. These tyre and inner tube materials then undergoes three (3) stage cleaning processes and treatment using our eco-friendly system. It also resulted to the minimal use of fresh water. Adding mileage to discarded tyre inner tube such as we do induces economic multiplier effect. Every purchase help makes upcycling a sustainable and responsible enterprise. Together with ourproduct users, we are geared to promote conscious eco ethical lifestyle. Our enthusiasm will definitely benefit everyone.



Before you own these products, be informed of the following:

1. No same design items are exactly alike however they have the same dimensions and construction. This is due to the different brands and varied conditions of tyre inner tubes resulting from its previous use. It will have markings unique to each material like a fingerprint. You are forewarned your item is the only one on Earth.

2. Tire rubber materials used in all products are reclaimed. It had undergone tremendous pressures and wide range of temperatures in its past extreme life on the road. Even though deemed out of service for safety standards, it is the same material that may completely decay only in the next 200 years. You are forewarned that this material will outlive you.

3. Water resistant from waterproof. Do not use these products as floaters - lifebuoy as its cousins in white water tubing (pulled over rocks and bumping on boulders) and beach floaters (scraping on rough sands ground corals. Although the TOUGHNESS IS INTACT, the air tight qualities had been compromised in the making of these products. You are forewarned to use it wisely.

4. Not for shy people. Many users related their experiences in the airport, train, and other public places where people got curious and start asking questions. It is common occurrence that our products spark happy conversations with strangers. Know that a brief moment of your privacy might be compromised.



Our bags are warranted free from manufacturing defects. In case defect in sewing/stitches, defective zippers, or loose attachments on hardware arises within 30 days after purchase, send it back to us. Your shipping cost will be refunded. For outside the country customers, sent items must be prepaid. We only pay one way shipping expense. Any customs or import duties must be paid by the recipient. · Your product comes with 2-YEAR WARRANTY. Repair procedures resulting from wear and tear from normal use are free of charge. For instances that there are certain components that need replacement, we will assess the cost and we may require a minimal fee for the materials. We will inform you before any changes will be made.  Shipping cost is paid by the customer.